Table 1

Bill of Materials for DIY-NAMIC System

ComponentSpecificationSupplier/Part IDCostURL
Noseports3D printed with black natural versatile plastic (three needed/cage)Shapeways$14.10File:
Plexiglass wall* Black acrylic, 1.5 mm thickCustom laser cut at Ponoko$6.30File:
laser cutting:
U channelClear impact-resistant polycarbonate U channels (0.235” wide, 0.3” high)McMaster-Carr 1753K61$4.06/4ft
ScrewsPhilips flat head: 4–40 thread size, 5/16” long (six needed/cage)McMaster-Carr 91771A107$4.53/100
Photo IRGP1A57HRJ00F (three needed/cage)Sparkfun
LEDs5-mm LED ultrabright diode, DC 3 V 20 mA 0.06 W diffused round blue light (three needed/cage)Amazon$6.00/100
Resistors1 kΩ (six needed/cage)Sparkfun$0.95/20
NeedlesBD precision glide needles (21 G, 0.8 × 50 mm; three needed/cage)Fisher Scientific
Luer lockMasterflex fitting, male luer lock to hose barb adapter (three needed/cage)Cole-Parmer
16.20/pkg 20 luer-lock-to-hose-barb-adapter-1-4-id-25-pk/4550419?searchterm=UX-45504-19
Tubing 1Tygon EMMMDCIII laboratory tubing ID 1/16”, OD 1/8”, wall 1/32”Component Supply TET-062A$0.32/ft
SolenoidLHDA0533115H HDI PORTED 3P-5V-30PSILee Company$63.10
Tubing 2Tygon EMMMDCIII laboratory tubing
ID ¼”, OD 5/16”, wall 1/32”
Component Supply
Three-way manifoldPush-to-connect tube fitting for air and water, three outlet manifold, 1/8 NPT male × 1/8” tube ODMcMaster Carr 5203K929$12.66
Syringe60-ml syringe, Luer-lockFisher Scientific
ArduinoArduino Uno Rev3Arduino 8058333490090$22.00
ShieldOM1 shield
OM1 board v082916
$28.05 /3
IC socket16-pin 0.3” chipAdafruit 2203$0.95
H-bridgeDual H-bridge Motor Driver, 600-mA L293DAdafruit 807$2.95
DC barrel jackBreadboard-friendly 2.1-mm DC barrel jackAdafruit
Jumper wires12” female to male jumper wiresSparkfun
HeadersStacking headers with standard 2.54-mm spacingAmazon$8.09 / 40
Heat shrink kit1/8” diameterSparkfun 09353$7.95/95 pieces
Power supply9-V DC 1000 mA,
AC 100–240 V
Adafruit 63$6.95
  • * This design is based on dimensions of the cages used in our facility’s high-density ventilated rack system and would need to be modified to fit cages used in other facilities.

  • Other general tools and supplies used: rotary tool (Dremel), Loctite 401, soldering iron (Weller WES51Analog Soldering Station, Sparks, MA); surge protector; multiport USB hub.