Table 2

Connection parameters for all plastic connections in the model

ConnectionProbabilitySynaptic delaySynaptic weightPlasticity parameters
InitialBoundsαEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Imageη
Content space
Embedded Image 11, 100, 0.80, 0.80250.40.01
Embedded Image 0.11, 100.19*, 0.39*0, 0.87*0*20*0.47*0.008*
Embedded Image 0.1100, 0.6–12540*0.50.0025
Neural space
Embedded Image 0.11, 100.48*, 0.86*0, 1.33*0*21*0.28*0.004*
Embedded Image 0.110.44*, 0.87*0, 1.08*–1*37*49*0.52*0.006*
  • The parameters are given for incoming connections to the excitatory neurons (E) within the content space from the input population (X) and from neural spaces (S) as well as for recurrent connections within the excitatory pool in the content space. For neural spaces, the parameters for incoming connections from the content space (C) and for recurrent excitatory connections are given. Synaptic delays and initial weights are drawn from uniform distributions within the given bounds. Highlighted parameters (*) were determined using an optimization procedure (see text).