Table 1

Bill of materials

ComponentNumberCost per unitTotal costSource of materials
OpenMV Cam M71$65.00$
LCD shield1$20.00$
Adafruit DS3231 RTC breakout1$13.95$
3D-printed enclosure1∼$5∼$5Any printer will work
Breakout PCB1$2.00$
JST right-angle connector1$0.95$0.95Karlsson Robotics
P/N PRT-09749
Tactile button1$0.49$0.49Karlsson Robotics
P/N COM-10302
Long break away male headers2$0.75$0.75Mouser
P/N 474-PRT-12693
Right-angle BNC connector1$2.43$2.43Mouser
P/N 523-31-5431
Undercut flat head screws
4–40 thread
⅝’’ length
P/N 91099A169
Li-Ion battery (optional)1$9.95$9.95Adafruit
P/N 1781
MicroUSB cable