Table 1.

Primary antibodies used

AntigenImmunogenHost speciesReactivitySourceCatalog#RRIDDillutionReferences
Casz1aHuman Casz1 peptideRabbitN/ARockland600-401-B62SAB_19614961:3000
EsrrgAA 2–100 of human EsrrgMouseMouse, chickenR&D systemsPP-H6812-00AB_21002801:1000
Evx1aAA 1–192RabbitN/ADr. Martyn GouldingN/AN/A1:300(Moran-Rivard et al., 2001)
Evx2AA 92–102 of mouse Evx2Guinea pigMouseDr. Ryuichi ShirasakiN/AN/A1:6 000(Inamata and Shirasaki, 2014)
FoxP2A peptide near N-terminus of human Foxp2GoatMouse, chickenSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-21069AB_21071241:500
Lbx1Full-length mouse Lbx1Guinea pigMouse, chickenDr. Thomas MüllerN/AN/A1:30,000(Müller et al., 2002)
Lhx1/5AA 1–360 of rat Lhx5MouseMouse, chickenDSHB4F2AB_5317841:15(Tsuchida et al., 1994)
MafAA 150–200 of mouse MafRabbitMouse, chickenBethyl LaboratoriesA300-613N/A1:2000
MycaAA 408–439 of human MycMouseN/ADSHB9E 10AB_2266850N/A
MycaFull-length human MycRabbitN/AMillipore06-340AB_3101061:1000
MycaAA ∼1–100 of human MycRabbitN/AAbcamab32072 (Y69)AB_7316581:18,000
Onecut1Mix of AA 11–53 and 63–81 of mouse Onecut1Guinea pigMouseDr. Frédéric ClotmanN/AN/A1:5000(Espana and Clotman, 2012)
Onecut1AA 11–110 of human Onecut1RabbitMouse, chickenSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-13050AB_22518521:300
Onecut2AA 185–326 of human Onecut2SheepMouseR&D systemsAF6294AB_106403651:500
Onecut3AA 23–333 of mouse Onecut3Guinea pigMouseDr. Frédéric ClotmanN/AN/A1:6000(Pierreux et al., 2004)
Phox2bA peptide near N-terminus of human Phox2bGoatMouseSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-13224AB_22518521:1000
Phox2bN/ARabbitChicken (mouse untested)Dr. Jean-François BrunetN/AN/A1:20,000Unpublished
Pou3f1A peptide near C-terminus of human Pou3f1GoatMouseSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-11661AB_22685361:500
  • a Antibodies that stained most cells in the hindbrain, or had excessive background signal. AA, Amino acids; DSHB, Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank; N/A, not available.