Table 5.

Number of Lhx1+5/Evx2/Maf/Esrrg quadruple-positive neurons at different developmental stages in the mouse

 Stager5-cMVST lateralMedial extensionN preparationsSections assessed/preparation
E9.5003Every 4th
E11.5821Every 4th
E13.5a85 ± 2525 ± 213Every 6th
E15.5b98 ± 2125 ± 93Every 6th
  • Counts of quadruple positive cells ± SD in different areas of the mouse CNS.

  • aCounts represent entire CNS. Only the hindbrain was assessed at other stages.

  • bPreparations at E15.5 were not coimmunostained for Lhx1+5 because they included retrograde labeling of the cMVST; here, counts represent Evx2/Maf/Esrrg immunostained neurons in and around the cMVST domain only (other brainstem areas were not assessed; Fig. 9).