Table 2

Statistical outcomes

Test/comparisonMultiple comparison/effect size95% CI of effect sizepn1exps 1n2exps 2
Figure 1
Two-way ANOVATukey
EGFP Rp vs Con5.690 e-0050.0002499 to –0.00013610.7662296296
EGFP Sp vs Con–1.034 e-0050.0001827 to –0.00020330.9912296296
Cx36-EGFP Rp vs Con0.00078200.001050 to 0.0005136<0.0001153153
Cx36-EGFP Sp vs Con–9.667e-0050.0001717 to –0.00036500.6722153153
Cx36-GCaMP Rp vs Con0.00092820.001120 to 0.0007368<0.0001296306
Cx36-GCaMP Sp vs Con0.00010670.0002964 to –8.309e-0050.3819306306
Two-way ANOVADunnett
Cx36-EGFP vs EGFP Con6.494e-0050.0002863 to –0.00015640.7451153296
Cx36-GCaMP vs EGFP Con0.00021490.0003962 to 3.368e-0050.0167306296
Cx36-EGFP vs EGFP Rp0.00079000.001011 to 0.0005686<0.0001153296
Cx36-GCaMP vs EGFP Rp0.0010860.001269 to 0.0009034<0.0001296296
Cx36-EGFP vs EGFP Sp–2.138e-0050.0002000 to –0.00024280.9680153296
Cx36-GCaMP vs EGFP Sp0.00033200.0005132 to 0.00015070.0001306296
Figure 6
Two-way ANOVATukey
EGFP 100 Glu vs Con0.00012000.0008372 to –0.00059720.9996153153
Cx36-GCaMP 100 Glu vs Con0.0014000.002117 to 0.0006828<0.0001153153
Cx36, NR1 100 Glu vs Con0.00088670.001604 to 0.00016950.0052153153
Cx36, NR1, NR2A 100 Glu vs Con0.0015270.002244 to 0.0008095<0.0001153153
100 Glu Cx36-GCaMP vs EGFP0.0013370.002054 to 0.0006195<0.0001153153
100 Glu Cx36, NR1 vs EGFP0.00074330.001461 to 2.617e-0050.0365153153
100 Glu Cx36, NR1, NR2A vs EGFP0.0014430.002161 to 0.0007262<0.0001153153
100 Glu Cx36-GCaMP vs Cx36, NR10.0005933–0.0001238 to 0.0013110.1837153153
100 Glu Cx36-GCaMP vs Cx36, NR1, NR2A–0.0001067–0.0008238 to 0.00061050.9998153153
100 Glu Cx36, NR1 vs Cx36, NR1, NR2A–0.0007000–0.001417 to 1.717e-0050.0610153153
Figure 7
One-way ANOVATukey
Glu vs Con0.0010320.001242 to 0.0008212<0.0001426376
Glu+ACET vs Con–3.643e-0060.0002442 to –0.0002515>0.9999233376
Glu+CNQX vs Con0.00027290.0005364 to 9.411e-0060.0377193376
Glu+GYKI vs Con0.00023690.0005227 to –4.882e-0050.1651153376
Glu+CPP vs Con–6.046e-0060.0002574 to –0.0002695>0.9999193376
Glu+ACET vs Glu–0.001035–0.0007932 to –0.001278<0.0001233426
Glu+CNQX vs Glu–0.0007588–0.0005007 to –0.001017<0.0001193426
Glu+GYKI vs Glu–0.0007948–0.0005139 to –0.001076<0.0001153426
Glu+CPP vs Glu–0.001038–0.0007796 to –0.001296<0.0001193426
Figure 8
Two-way ANOVATukey
EGFP Rp vs Con–5.000e-0050.0003220 to –0.00042200.9960183183
EGFP Rp+KN93 vs Con–1.944e-0050.0003526 to –0.0003914>0.9999183183
EGFP Glu vs Con5.408e-0050.0004315 to –0.00032330.9948173183
EGFP Glu+KN93 vs Con7.173e-0050.0004492 to –0.00030570.9848173183
Cx36-GCaMP Rp vs Con0.0010300.001390 to 0.0006693<0.0001223173
Cx36-GCaMP Rp+KN93 vs Con0.0010680.001441 to 0.0006954<0.0001193173
Cx36-GCaMP Glu vs Con0.0016860.002054 to 0.001317<0.0001203173
Cx36-GCaMP Glu+KN93 vs Con0.00040010.0007605 to 3.976e-0050.0213223173
Cx36-GCaMP Rp+KN93 vs Rp3.828e-0050.0003878 to –0.00031120.9982193223
Cx36-GCaMP Glu+KN93 vs Glu–0.001285–0.0009407 to –0.001630<0.0001223203