Table 1

List of antibodies. Information of all antibodies used in this study is listed, including the name, host, dilution, source, and immunogen

F4/80Rat1:200AbcamThioglycollate-stimulated peritoneal macrophages from C57/BL mice, clone A3-1
Ly-6GRat1:200AdipoGenPurified mouse BALB/c neutrophils, clone Nimp-R14
IL-1βGoat1:200R&D SystemsE. coli-derived recombinant mouse IL-1β/IL-1F2 Val118-Ser269
OMPGoat1:1000Fujifilm Wako PureChemical Corp.Rodent OMP
GAP43Rabbit1:1000Novus BiologicalsC-terminal peptide of rat and mouse GAP43 with an N-terminalCys added to allow chemical coupling to KLH carrier protein
CalretininRabbit1:500NeoMarkersRecombinant full-length mouse calretinin protein
Iba-1Rabbit1:200WakoA synthetic peptide corresponding to the Iba-1 C-terminal sequence(PTGPPAKKAISELP)
GFAPRabbit1:1000Dako AgilentGFAP isolated from cow spinal cord
THRabbit1:500MilliporeDenatured TH from rat pheochromocytoma