Table 1

Time and cost of using RatHat

Sample time and cost for using RatHata
Cannula RatHatOptrode RatHatSingle wire RatHatTetrode RatHat
Print time (in-house)b 2 h4 h2 h3 h 30 min
Materials (not including glue)3D prints, cannula, sand paper,c dummy cannula3D print, EIB,c stainless-steel wire, gold pins, optrode3D print, EIB,c stainless-steel wire, gold pins3D print, EIB,c gold pins, tetrode screws,c support rods,c tetrodes
Assembly time15 min50 min1 h 30 min8 h
Surgery time1 h 30 min2 h 20 min2 h2 h 30 min
Cost of printing in-house$1.25$4.50$3.25$6.25
Cost of university printing ($10/h)$20.00$40.00$20.00$35.00
Cost of 3D printing service$35.66$44.92$35.29$32.15
Cost of other materials$2.23$163.82$153.40$266.70
Equivalent quoted commercial cost$81.00 (3 individual cannula) $161.66 (bilateral cannula setup plus one individual cannula)No equivalent commercial product available$330.00$1,870.00 (assembly required and does not include tetrodes)
  • a Times and costs listed are an approximation from data obtained in our lab (

  • b Print times are the sum of printing all necessary parts.

  • c Reusable material.