Table 2

Parameters of the neuron model

Neuron parameters
 Membrane capacitancecm 289.5 pF
 Leak conductancegL 28.95 nS
 Leak potentialEL −70 mV
 Reset potentialVR −70 mV
 Threshold potentialVT −57 mV
 Refractory timeτref 5 ms
Synaptic parameters
 Base synaptic weightw0 1 nS
 PN-KC synaptic weightwPK 5 nS
 Excitatory synaptic potentialEE 0 mV
 Excitatory time constantτE 2 ms
 Inhibitory synaptic potentialEI −75 mV
 Inhibitory time constantτI 10 ms
Adaptation parameters
 Spike-triggered current ΔIA 0.132 nA
 Adaptation time constantτA 389 ms
 Adaptation current variance σI2 87.1 pA2