Table 1

: Comparisons of DA release in response to AMPH among rats with varying pretreatments in Experiments 1–3

ANOVA tests comparing rats treated with EB, E2, and Vehicle in Experiment 1
    Time post-AMPH, min10203040
    F valueF(2,25) = 1.853F(2,25) = 4.433F(2,25) = =5.045F(2,25) = 3.939
    p value0.1780.0230.0140.033
Planned contrast tests
    Time post-AMPH, min10203040
    p Value, Control vs EBNA0.0370.0830.233
    p Value, Control vs E2NA0.0130.0050.010
Mann-Whitney U tests comparing rats treated with EB and ICI+EB in Experiment 2
    Time post-AMPH, min10203040
    p value0.0340.0340.0210.009
Independent tests comparing rats treated with E2 and E2+MPEP in Experiment 3
    Time post-AMPH, min10203040
    t valuet(16) = 1.410t(16) = 2.790t(16) = 2.232t(16) = 1.993
    p value0.1780.0130.0400.064
  • Values in bold indicate significant differences.