Table 5.

Connection probabilities, PN-PN connections

PN to PN
Connection range (µm)<=50[50,100][100,200][200,600]
  • Connectivity data are from Abatis et al. (2017). For all chemical synaptic connections, we designed axonal conduction delay to be Embedded Image , where Del denotes calculated conduction delay (ms), Dis is the intersoma distance (µm), v denotes conduction velocity (mm/ms, 1 mm/ms was used in this study), minidel denotes minimal conduction delay (minidel = 0.8 ms was used in this study), fluc denotes random fluctuation of conduction delay [ms, fluctuation of uniformly distribution of (−0.1,0.1) ms was used in this study], and dt denotes simulation time step, with dt = 0.05 ms was used in this study.