Table 2

VCP overexpression does not alter the proliferative fraction of SH-SY5Y cells

siRNAGFP (mean ± SD)VCP-GFP (mean ± SD)p value
siCtrl0.62 ± 0.020.59 ± 0.030.16
siPINK10.47 ± 0.030.46 ± 0.040.63
  • SH-SY5Y cells were co-transfected under the same conditions as in Fig. 1E. The cells were fixed after 40 h and stained for the proliferation antigen Ki-67. The proliferative fraction was calculated as the number of Ki-67 immunoreactive transfected cells divided by the total number of transfected cells (Student’s t-test, n=5). Transfection with VCP did not significantly affect cell cycle in either siCtrl or siPINK1 cells.