Table 1.

CUS schedule for male and female rats

CUS procedure
115-min footshock15-min footshock
230-min restraint30-min restraint
3Social defeat24-h lights on
410-min tail pinch10-min tail pinch
524-h wet bedding24-h wet bedding
615-min footshock15-min footshock
71-h shake/overcrowding1-h shake/overcrowding
8Social defeat24-h wet bedding
910-min tail pinch10-min tail pinch
1024-h lights on24-h lights on
11Social defeat15-min footshock
1210-min tail pinch10-min tail pinch
1324-h lights on24-h lights on
1415-min footshock30-min restraint
1524-h wet bedding
1615-min footshock
1710-min tail pinch
1824-h lights on
191-h shake/overcrowding
2024-h wet bedding
2115-min footshock
  • Rats were exposed to one daily stressor over a series of 14 d (males) or 21 d (females). Individual stressor protocols described in further detail in the methods section.