Table 1.

Statistical results

Data structureType of testp valuePower
aNormalANOVA brain region × peak interaction0.020.80
bNormalTukey’s HSD0.030.37
cNormalTukey’s HSD0.040.33
dNormalTukey’s HSD0.010.46
eNormalANOVA trial type × peak interaction2 × 10–50.99
fNormalTukey’s HSD0.0060.71
gNormalTukey’s HSD0.00090.85
hNormalTukey’s HSD0.30.22
iNormalPaired t test0.040.81
jNormalTukey’s HSD0.0030.76
kNormalTukey’s HSD0.030.52
lNormalTukey’s HSD4 × 10–60.99
mNormalTukey’s HSD0.040.49
nNormalLevene’s test for equal variances0.0090.82
oNormalLevene’s test for equal variances0.0040.83
  • The letters in the left column are superscripts labeling each statistical result reported in the text. The second and third columns from left describe the data distribution and statistical test used in each case. The two right-most columns list p values reported in the text and the estimated post hoc power corresponding to each p value. We estimated post hoc power of F tests using Equation 4 from Lenth (2007) cited in Pek and Park (2019) and estimated post hoc power of the pairwise post hoc tests as the post hoc power of the equivalent t test using the MATLAB function sampsizepwr.m.