Table 1.

List of mouse lines used in this study

Mouse lineGenomic locusEnhancer/promoterReporter/effectorSourceDescription
Neurog2CreER(G2A)Unknown transgenic insertionNeurog2Cre-ERThis article #CDB0512T−1Neuronal birthdate tag driver designed for TM administration to induce recombination of loxP sequences in a neuronal birthdate-dependent manner
TaumGFP-nLacZMapt (microtubule-associated protein tau) locusMapt:widespread neuronal expressionMembrane-bound GFP and nuclear-targeted β-gal Hippenmeyer et al. (2005)
JAX stock #021162
After Cre-loxP recombination, dual reporter proteins are expressed in neurons throughout the nervous system
Cdhr1tTAUnknown transgenic insertionCdhr1: OB-specific expressiontTAThis article #CDB0535T:After Cre-loxP recombination, tTA isexpressed in OB projection neurons
TREtdTomato-sypGFPUnknown transgenic insertionTREtdTomato and synaptophysin-fused GFP Li et al. (2010)
JAX stock #12345
Designed for tTA to drive ubiquitous expression of dual reporter proteins in any types of cells
ROSA26-TREmGFPROSA26 locusTREMembrane-bound GFPThis article #CDB0300KDesigned for tTA to drive ubiquitous expression of the reporter protein in any types of cells