Table 6.

Characteristics of slow oscillations during overnight closed-loop stimulation (experiment 2).

StimShamp Value
Number of SOs (stimulation period)529.37 (74.71)477.05 (60.75)0.59
Number of SOs (entire night)1356.37 (111.47)1338.89 (106.62)0.87
SO amplitude (μV)141.93 (9.16)128.62 (10.06)0.24
SO slope (μV/s)277.64 (21.97)244.02 (20.80)0.14
Duration (s)1.18 (0.01)1.14 (0.07)0.49
  • Mean ± SEM number of slow oscillations (SOs identified off-line; see Materials and Methods) during SWS epochs of the stimulation period and the entire night, amplitude (negative half-wave to positive-peak), slope, and duration between stim and sham conditions.