Table 3.

Slow-oscillation characteristics during afternoon nap closed-loop stimulation (experiment 1)

StimShamp Value
Number of SOs166.67 (27.76)154.58 (17.65)0.52
SO amplitude (μV)147.36 (13.04)143.17 (9.89)0.40
SO slope (μV/s)278.68 (26.09)275.92 (20.30)0.83
Duration (s)1.13 (0.01)1.15 (0.01)0.04
  • Mean ± SEM number of slow oscillations (identified off-line; see Materials and Methods) during the entire recording, amplitude (negative half-wave-to-peak), slope, and duration between stim and sham conditions. Duration of SO in the stimulation condition was significantly shorter compared with the sham condition, suggesting that the induced SO oscillation peaked at a higher frequency compared with the sham condition (∼1 Hz)