Table 7.

The effect of age, the genotype–age interaction and the effect of genotype on the silhouette parameters and gait parameters: mixed ANOVA and multiple-comparison tests with Bonferroni correction (p values with lower bound adjustment)

Stride lengths
    Front-paw stride length (cm)<0.00010.460.010.0050.250.03
    Hind-paw stride length (cm)<0.00010.54<0.010.0040.240.03
    Scaled front-paw stride length*0.600.580.0460.0130.170.90
    Scaled hind-paw stride length*0.530.670.
Speed parameters
    Body speed (cm/s)0.010.550.260.0040.250.03
    Front-paw swing speed (cm/s)<0.0010.430.350.0040.43<0.01
    Hind-paw swing speed (cm/s)<0.0010.59<0.010.0030.47<0.001
    Scaled body speed (1/s)*0.160.510.470.0070.250.18
    Scaled front-paw swing speed (1/s)*0.130.410.650.0070.450.11
    Scaled hind-paw swing speed (1/s)*0.110.600.010.0070.47<0.01
Body parameters
    Silhouette length (mm)<0.00010.230.030.0120.10<0.0001
    Silhouette area without tail (mm2)<0.00010.15<0.001<0.0010.26<0.0001
    Silhouette area with tail (mm2)<0.00010.26<0.01<0.010.14<0.0001
    Weight (g)<0.00010.200.03<0.00010.35<0.0001
    Weight silhouette length index (g/cm2)<0.00010.170.29<0.0010.55<0.001
  • * Scaled based on the silhouette length (scaling method: Embedded Image ).