Table 1.

Sample Pearson correlation coefficients (r) and p values of the silhouette length and CatWalk gait parameters

Stride lengths
    Front-paw stride length0.72<0.00010.030.750.350.03−0.070.69
    Hind-paw stride length0.72<0.00010.020.810.350.03−0.050.76
Parameters relating to duration
    Front-paw stand time0.020.81−0.34<0.001<0.010.97−0.180.28
    Front-paw swing time−0.200.05−0.58<0.0001−0.120.48−0.380.02
    Front-paw step cycle−0.040.72−0.45<0.0001−0.050.79−0.270.10
    Hind-paw stand time−0.050.59−0.36<0.001<0.010.97−0.160.33
    Hind-paw swing time0.070.51−0.57<0.0001−0.100.56−0.42<0.01
    Hind-paw step cycle−0.040.70−0.46<0.0001−0.030.85−0.260.12
Speed parameters
    Body speed0.31<0.01(i) −0.06
(ii) 0.13
(i) 0.54
(ii) 0.20
(ii) 0.09
(i) 0.98
(ii) 0.58
    Front-paw swing speed0.49<0.0001(i) 0.09
(ii) 0.31
(i) 0.40
0.220.18(i) 0.02
(ii) 0.12
(i) 0.90
(ii) 0.46
    Hind-paw swing speed0.51<0.0001(i) −0.08
(ii) 0.25
(i) 0.43
(ii) 0.01
0.300.07(i) 0.04
(ii) 0.18
(i) 0.80
(ii) 0.29
  • The scaled parameters which show higher p values compared with their nonscaled versions are in bold. (i), Scaling method: Embedded Image ; (ii), scaling method: Embedded Image .