Table 1.

Data structure, type of test used to analyze the data, and observed power of key results

Data structureType of testPower (Cohen’s d)
aNormal distributionRepeated-measures ANOVAMain effect session: 1.784
bNormal distributionRepeated-measures ANOVAInteraction (drug × vector): 0.247
cNormal distributionPaired samples
t test
Main effect drug: 0.745
dNormal distributionPaired samples
t test
Not significant
eNormal distributionRepeated-measures ANOVAMain effect CNO: 0.388
Interaction (drug × current): 0.262
fNormal distributionPaired samples t testsMain effects current:
200 pA: 1.204
250 pA: 3.095
300 pA: 2.807