Table 1.

Bill of materials

ComponentNumberCost / unitTotal costSource of materials
Adafruit Feather M0 Adalogger1$19.95$19.95
Lithium Ion Battery Pack - 3.7V 6600mAh1$29.50$29.50
Adafruit FeatherWing OLED – 128x32 OLED1$14.9514.95
Short Headers Kit for Feather -12-pin + 16-pin Female Headers1$1.50$1.50
1k Resistor2$0.20$0.40
Photo Interrupter -GP1A57HRJ00F2$2.50$5.00
SparkFun Photo Interrupter Breakout Board -GP1A57HRJ00F2$1.50$3.00
MicroSD card1$6.00$6.00
JST cables2$1.50$3.00
Plastic valves2$0.50$1.00
15 ml conical tubes2
  • All materials required for construction of the sipper device are itemized, sourcing and cost are provided.