Table 4.

Precise lesion location for each child with PAIS with the corresponding percentage over the total of the individual lesion size

% of GM loss% of WM loss
Patient codeLesion locationLeftRightLeftRight
L1L precentral gyrus (39%)
L IFG (19%)
L postcentral gyrus (16%)
L MFG (16%)
L2L SMG (56%)
L AG (33%)
L STG (10%)
L3L AG (40%)
L MOG (25%)
L SMG (12%)
L4L postcentral gyrus (53%)
L SMG (23%)
L precentral gyrus (20%)
L5L AG (28%)
L STG (26%)
L SMG (19%)
L MTG (8%)
L6L IFG (39%)
L MFG (33%)
L precentral gyrus (24%)
  • The percentage of WM and GM loss is also presented for each patient. MFG, middle frontal gyrus; SMG, supramarginal gyrus; AG, angular gyrus; MTG, middle temporal gyrus; MOG, middle occipital gyrus.