Table 1.

Children demographic data and lesions main features

PatientcodeAge at scan(years)GenderGestational age at birth(weeks)Birth weight(g)Clinical debut(hours of age)Age of MRI diagnostic (d)VascularterritoryStroke volume at birth (ml)Motor impairment(hemiplegia)Epilepsya
L14M413160Clonic seizures at 12 h4M2 L18890NoNo
L23.5F412960Clonic seizures at 26 h10M4 L47428YesNo
L34M403560Clonic seizures at 48 h20M1
Post-bifurcation L
L44F412600Clonic seizures at 18 h4M2 sup L27882NoNo
L54M393340Clonic seizures at 24 h5M1
Post-bifurcation L
L63.5M403025Clonic seizures at 41 h5M1
Post-bifurcation L
  • a Epilepsy = at least two recurrent and unprovoked seizures.