Table 1.

Parameters used for multidimensional analysis

VrestResting membrane potentialI ClampDirect measurementN/A
CmMembrane capacitanceI ClampSee referenceGolowasch et al. (2009)
RmInput resistance
NcompsNumber of model compartments
Ih_sagHyperpolarization-induced depolarizing potentialI Clamp Embedded Image N/A
Ih_currentHyperpolarization-induced depolarizing currentV Clamp Embedded Image N/A
EPSC_freqMean sEPSC frequencyV ClampDirect measurement after waveform sorting Hendrickson et al. (2008)
EPSC_ampMean sEPSC amplitudeV Clamp
EPSC_tauMean sEPSC decay constantV ClampLeast-squares exponential decayN/A
S_freq_1Spiking frequency, Lv. 1I ClampDirect measurementN/A
S_freq_2Spiking frequency, Lv. 2I ClampDirect measurementN/A
S_freq_3Spiking frequency, Lv. 3I ClampDirect measurementN/A
S_freq_4Spiking frequency, Lv. 4I ClampDirect measurementN/A
S1_slopeInitial action potential rising slopeI ClampInitial spike derivative peakMeeks et al. (2005)
S1_threshInitial action potential thresholdI ClampVm at 10% of initial spike derivative
S_accom_1Spike rate accommodation, Lv. 1I ClampEmbedded Image N/A
S_accom_2Spike rate accommodation, Lv. 2I Clamp
S_accom_3Spike rate accommodation, Lv. 3I Clamp
S_accom_4Spike rate accommodation, Lv. 4I Clamp
Na_curr_1Voltage-gated Na+ current amplitude, Lv. 1V ClampDirect measurementN/A
Na_curr_2Voltage-gated Na+ current amplitude, Lv. 2V ClampDirect measurementN/A
Na_curr_3Voltage-gated Na+ current amplitude, Lv. 3V ClampDirect measurementN/A
Na_curr_4Voltage-gated Na+ current amplitude, Lv. 4V ClampDirect measurementN/A
Na_curr_5Voltage-gated Na+ current amplitude, Lv. 5V ClampDirect measurementN/A
K_curr_maxVoltage-gated K+ current, maximumV ClampDirect measurementN/A
K_curr_diffNon-inactivating voltage-gated K+ currentV ClampDirect measurementN/A