Table 3.

Functions and mediators of Arhgap39/Porf-2

FunctionsMediators of action
1. Mediates axonal guidance and midline repulsion in developing Drosophila.1. Robo, RacGTP, Slit (Lundström et al., 2004; Hu et al., 2005)
2. Regulates filopodia formation and directional migration of human vascular endothelial cells.2. Robo1 and Robo4, Cdc42, IRSp53, MENA, actin nucleation (Kaur et al., 2008)
3. Delays cell cycle and decreases proliferation of mouse neural stem cell line, C17.2.3. p21, decreased progression from G1 to S (Ma and Nowak, 2011)
4. Promotes apoptosis in C17.2 cells.4. BAX, p53 (Ma and Nowak, 2011)
5. Regulates dendritic spine morphology in embryonic rat hippocampal neurons.5. CNK2, Rac1 (Lim et al., 2014)
6. Decreases neurogenesis in mouse hippocampus.6. Rac1, β-catenin (Huang et al., 2016)
7. Plays a role in learning and memory.7. Hippocampal synaptic signaling (Lee et al., 2017)