Table 1.

Summary of CSD parameters from rats given a cortical injection of either KCl (n = 3) or aCSF (n = 3)

GroupNumber of CSD eventsEEG percent decreaseFrontal CSD amplitude decrease (mv)Parietal CSD amplitude decrease (mV)Duration (s)
KCl (1 M)964.39 ± 3.162.56 ± 0.532.11 ± 0.4759.79 ± 5.84
  • Rats given a cortical KCl injection experienced at least one CSD event within the recording period. Rats injected cortically with aCSF did not experience CSD. CSD was marked by a significant reduction in both the power and amplitude of the EEG tracings and was only considered as an event when (1) the AC current was reduced by half; (2) the DC current exhibited a downward shift by a minimum of 1 mV; and (3) the duration was a minimum of 30 s.