Table 3:

Subgraph learning and ensemble clustering table

Patient (IEEG Portal)Electrode sensors (N)Electrode configurationIctal Epochs (N)Interictal Epochs (N)Total Epochs (p)Subgraphs per Epoch (Embedded Image )Subgraph Ensemble Clusters (Embedded Image )
HUP64_phaseII88Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x6 (4)013228322988
HUP65_phaseII80Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x6 (3)032986298989
HUP68_phaseII79Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x8 (2), 1x4 (2)053020302587
HUP70_phaseII78Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x6, 1x4 (2)081079108778
HUP72_phaseII62Strip: 1x8 (3), 1x6 (5), 1x4 (2)012439244089
HUP73_phaseII56Strip: 1x8 (4), 1x6 (4)051071107687
HUP78_phaseII100Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x6 (2), 1x4 (3); Depth: 1x4 (3)051719172468
HUP79_phaseII84Grid: 6x8; Strip: 1x8, 1x6 (4), 1x4011775177688
HUP86_phaseII118Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x6 (5), 1x4 (4); Depth: 1x4 (2)022612261478
HUP87_phaseII88Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x4 (3); Depth: 1x4 (3)021201120388
Study 004-264Grid: 6x6; Strip: 1x4 (5); Depth: 1x4 (2)0163863987
Study 00656Grid: 6x8; Strip: 1x80210410688
Study 01056Grid: 6x8; Strip: 1x4 (2)02526528810
Study 01184Grid: 6x8; Strip: 1x8 (2), 1x4 (5)0228328577
Study 01664Grid: 4x6 (2); Strip: 1x4 (4)0366967286
Study 01980Grid: 3x8, 6x6; Strip: 1x8 (2), 1x4 (3); Depth: 1x4 (2)1540341878
Study 02056Grid: 4x4, 4x6; Strip: 1x4 (4)0441241689
Study 02392Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x8, 1x4 (3); Depth: 1x4 (2)0420821288
Study 02696Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x8 (3), 1x4 (2)1053954976
Study 031116Grid: 8x8, 4x6; Strip: 1x8 (2), 1x4 (3)0573073577
Study 033124Grid: 8x8, 3x8; Strip: 1x8 (3), 1x4 (3)071321132887
Study 03780Grid: 8x8; Strip: 1x8 (2)021087108989
  • Summary of number of ictal and interictal epochs, total number of epochs, optimized number of subgraphs learned per epoch, and optimized number of subgraph ensemble clusters for each patient.