Table 1:

Patient information

Patient (IEEG Portal)SexAge (onset/surgery)Seizure onsetEtiologySeizure typeIctal epochs (N)Interictal epochs (N)ImagingOutcome
HUP64_phaseIIM03/20Left frontalDysplasiaCP + GTC013228LENGEL-I
HUP65_phaseIIM02/36Right temporalAuditory reflexCP + GTC032986N/AENGEL-I
HUP68_phaseIIF15/26Right temporalMeningitisCP, CP + GTC053020NLENGEL-I
HUP70_phaseIIM10/32Left perirolandicCryptogenicSP081079LNR
HUP72_phaseIIF11/27Bilateral leftMesial temporal sclerosisCP + GTC012439LNR
HUP73_phaseIIM11/39Anterior right frontalMeningitisCP + GTC051071NLENGEL-I
HUP78_phaseIIM00/54Anterior left temporalTraumatic injuryCP051719LENGEL-III
HUP86_phaseIIF18/25Left temporalCryptogenicCP + GTC022612NLENGEL-II
Study 004-2F14/27Right temporal occipitalUnknownCP + GTC01638NLILAE-IV
Study 006M22/25Left frontalUnknownCP02104NLNR
Study 010F00/13Left frontalUnknownCP02526LNF
Study 011F10/34Right frontalUnknownCP, CP + GTC02283NLNF
Study 016F05/36Right temporal orbitofrontalUnknownCP + GTC03669NLILAE-IV
Study 019F31/33Left temporalUnknownCP + GTC15403NLILAE-V
Study 020M05/10Right frontalUnknownCP + GTC04412NLILAE-IV
Study 023M01/16Left occipitalUnknownCP04208LILAE-I
Study 026M09/09Left frontalUnknownCP10539NLILAE-I
Study 031M05/05Right frontalUnknownCP + GTC05730NLNF
Study 033M00/03Left frontalUnknownGA071321LILAE-V
Study 037F45/NRRight temporalUnknownCP021087NLNR
  • Patient datasets accessed through IEEG Portal ( Age at seizure onset and at electrode implant surgery are noted. Location of seizure onset (lobe) and etiology are clinically determined through medical history, imaging, and long-term invasive monitoring. Seizure types are SP (simple-partial), CP (complex-partial), CP + GTC (complex-partial with secondary generalization), or GA (generalized atonic). Counted seizures were recorded in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Interictal epochs were 5 min in duration and at least 2 h away from any seizure. Clinical imaging analysis concludes L, Lesion; NL, nonlesion. Surgical outcome is reported by both Engel score and ILAE score (scale: I--IV/V, seizure freedom to no improvement; NR, no resection; NF, no follow-up). M, male; F, female.