Table 3:

Chronic implant target coordinates

Depth electrodes5±2.5, ±37.2–7.8
(−2.0 to −2.6 from cortex)
Embedded Image
PPT0.5, 1±23.6 Embedded Image
DR1.503.6 Embedded Image
LDT0.36, 0.48±0.83.0 Embedded Image
VLPO8.76±10.75, 112.2°, 15.12°, 15.52°
LC−0.721.33.2 Embedded Image
  • Anterior-posterior (AP), medial-lateral (ML), and dorsal-ventral (DV) target coordinates (IA-referenced, units of mm) with the absolute trajectory angles for each implant. Coordinates are from Paxinos and Watson (2007).